The Vision

Two engineers. Two athletes. One ambition.

We wanted intelligent clothing that didn’t just adapt to our active lifestyle, but also had the fine details to complement any outfit.

We wanted to fuse fashion with fitness.

 After all hard work looks good — We make it look better.

The Brand

Engineered Esthetics is using the mind to motivate.
It is the visual images we create from our thoughts.
It is an art as well as a science, a process and a product.
It is applying a logical yet inventive approach to every decision in life with no option of failure.
It is our thoughts shown by our actions.

Visualise your potential. Overcome your struggles. Create your success.


Our Promise

To never compromise on quality.
From premium fabrics, along with the finest garment construction methods and freshest designs, our products will always ensure that everyone deserves to be second to none.
Designed in London. Fashioned for the World.
…Fitness apparel has evolved

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